Design Computing

pSeven by DATADVANCE is a software platform for Design Space Exploration packaged in an easy-to use graphical user interface. pSeven is used for process integration, data analysis and design optimization. It can be implemented in different industries – from aerospace, automotive to electronics, and biomedical, and for any company size from SMB’s to industry leaders – thanks to flexible product licensing and easy integration into company’s existing IT ecosystem.  Data & Model Analysis pSeven provides full control over external data and rich post-processing capabilities, as well as a set of advanced tools for model analysis like Design of Experiments, Sensitivity Analysis, Uncertainty Quantification and Dimension Reduction.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling helps engineers answer the following questions:

  • How to predict product behavior in various conditions?
  • How to process data from experiments and simulations together?
  • How to use huge data samples and simulations faster?

Predictive modeling is based on building, managing and evaluating approximation models. Such models are also often called response surface models, RSM models, surrogate models, metamodels etc. By creating an approximation from existing test, experimental and/or simulation data pSeven allows to predict response values for new designs, accelerate complex simulations by many orders of magnitude and capture essential knowledge from vast amounts of data.

Design Optimization

pSeven allows to efficiently solve single- and multi-objective optimization problems with up to ten objective functions, hundreds of design variables and constraints with a small computation budget. A wide range of easy-to-use proprietary and in-house developed optimization algorithms with a minimum setup required. Automatic algorithm selection (SmartSelection technique) allows users with no specialized competence to solve optimization problems easier.

Automation & Integration

With pSeven, you can capture even the most complex design processes by integrating tools for Design Space Exploration and CAD/CAE software you are using into a single workflow, define its logic and collect, manage and reuse engineering data.